The workshop involves an integrated programme of activities dedicated to practice-based research into, for and through digital culture.

Monday 3/7Tuesday 4/7Wednesday 5/7Thursday 6/7Friday 7/7
Morning Session 10:00am-12pmOrientation (from 10 am)
Writing Workshop 1
Journey talk: Dr Sojung Bahng
Writing Session
Textile Museum Visit (optional)
• Orientation
• Workshop Introduction
• Lightning talks by all participants
• Research Action “tracks” introduced by Jon McCormack, Vince Dziekan and Ross Parry
Research in Action Field Studies in Florence (All day)Working session
Lunch Session 12-2pmWriting Workshop 1a
Group Lunch/
Planning session

• Lunch
Group Lunch
Afternoon Session 2-5pmWriting Workshop 2Writing Workshop 4 • Making Aware Workshop/Project Presentation by Ricardo Dutra Goncalves Curated studio, gallery and/or site visitsMentoring and consultation
Evening Session 5-6pmDa Chiostro a ChiostroDa Chiostro a Chiostro“Al fresco” sessionRegroup for end-of-day seminarFinal Presentations
Night Session 6-10pmWorkshop dinnerDinner in Florenceinformal drinks/
The Research in Action Program

Program Details

Monday and Tuesday are devoted to the SensiLab writing workshop (in-house event for SensiLab staff & students – contact the organisers if you would like to attend.

Day 1 – Wednesday 7 July

Full day programme hosted at the Monash University Prato Centre including introductory talks, group discussions, “break outs” and “think tanks”.

Activities will include: 

  • Orientation
  • Workshop introduction
  • Introductory “Lightening talks” by all participants
  • Making Aware Workshop/Project Presentation by Ricardo Dutra Goncalves
  • Research Action “tracks” introduced by Jon McCormack, Vince Dziekan and Ross Parry
  • “Break out” group discussions
  • “Al fresco” session

Day 2 – Thursday 6 July

Research in Action Field Studies

A curated itinerary of cultural tours that will culminate with apertivo in Florence.

Activities will include: 

  • Problem-setting and project definition
  • Excursion groups will be formed into 3 curated “tracks” lead by Jon McCormack, Vince Dziekan and Ross Parry
  • Each itinerary will lead from Prato to Florence and involve a combination of curated studio, gallery and/or site visits
  • Reconvene as a full group in Florence for end-of-day seminar

Day 3 – Friday 7 July­

Research in Action Workshop 2

Full day programme hosted at the Monash University Prato Centre including working groups and panel presentations.

Activities will include: 

  • Working sessions
  • Opportunities for mentoring and consultation
  • Presentation sessions

*Research [in] Action

The workshop’s exploratory process will be configured through three “tracks” (embodied knowledgesituational knowing & purposeful know-how), and catalysed in ways that might enable us (as an interdisciplinary cohort of practice-based or led researchers) to reflect upon the performative nature that creative practice and research inquiry share.

  • Embodied knowledge promotes some of the core principles that underwrite SensiLab. These include embracing a human-centred approach to working with digital and computational media, creating personalised media experiences, collaborative social engagement, and the amplification of cross-sensory modalities.
  • Situational knowing advocates for welcoming the contextual, situational and more contingent relational dimensions that we associate with cultural practices into research culture.
  • While purposeful know-how is representative of the values-driven approach of the Institute for Digital Culture. Most notably, with regards to how we might undertake research in collaborative, interdisciplinary and inclusive ways with the culture sector.